What is Poetry?

Daniel Finds a Poem by Micha Archer, 2016

Those who know what poetry is may think it is obvious, but defining poetry is not so simple.  In the children’s picture book “Daniel Finds a Poem,” a boy named Daniel discovers a new sign at a park he is closely familiar with.  The sign announces there will be poetry in the park on Sunday, but Daniel doesn’t know what poetry is.  In the following days he asks the different animals in the park, “What is poetry?” Each animal answers Daniel in a beautifully unique way, and all their answers add up to a wonderful poem at the end.

The author/illustrator of “Daniel Finds a Poem”, Micha Archer, has filled the book with exquisite detailed collage illustrations and equally superb writing.  Simple concepts such as days, animals and locations are present, while more subtle ideas are also expressed in the metaphorical answers the animals give.  “Daniel Finds a Poem” has something excellent to offer all ages, even adults, and instills a lovely appreciation for the natural poetry that is all around us.

Bud Garso