What If You Had Animal Feet!?

What If You Had Animal Feet!? by Sandra Markle, illustrated by Howard McWilliam (2015)

“What if one day when you woke up and climbed out of bed, the feet you planted on the floor weren’t yours? What if, overnight, a wild animal’s feet took their place at the end of your legs?” So begins What If You Had Animal Feet!?, a book that explores the unique attributes of 11 animals’ feet and invites readers to consider just how different their lives would be if they had the feet of a cheetah, housefly, or duck-billed platypus among others.

What If You Had Animal Feet!? mixes photographs, facts, and lively illustrations to create an informational book that positively begs to be shared with young readers! Who knew illustrations of children wearing animal’s feet while performing animal-like feats could be so entertaining? Lest we all start wishing for animal feet, the last few pages of the book celebrate the special qualities of the human foot and even provide a few tips for promoting foot health.

With six titles in Markle’s What If You Had series, these books make a great choice for school age readers to enjoy independently and for adults to share with younger children. Check one out today at Prescott Public Library!

Amy Finston