Starting School: Books for Kids

Starting school is a major milestone for our little ones, and a reassuring picture book can help smooth the transition. Prescott Public Library has an impressive lineup of appropriate titles to choose from, and a small sample of  newer selections follows. As always, librarians welcome the opportunity to help you find a good match. Bon voyage!

  1. The pigeon has to go to school! by Mo Willems (2019). Willems has the Midas Touch with this age group, and this little gem will help families process many of the inevitable apprehensions.
  2. Fairy’s first day of school by Bridget Heos (2018). If a fairy says it’s going to be okay, why worry?
  3. The King of Kindergarten by Derrick Barnes (2019). Confidence bolstered by reassuring parents, the first day of kindergarten is a breeze!
  4. My first day at Mermaid School by JoAnne Wetzel (2018). Fairies do it. Mermaids do it. So humans (without tails) are going to love school, too!
  5. School’s first day of school by Adam Rex (2016). Puts your child in the position of empathizing with the school building as it worries about the uncertainties of a new year.
  6. Sophie’s squash go to school by Pat Zietlow Miller (2016). Sophie clings to her garden produce in an attempt to mask her awkwardness, but an outgoing kid plants the seeds of friendship.
  7. Bear’s big day by Salina Yoon (2016). Endearing illustrations help your children relate to a young bear whose bravado wanes as the big day approaches.
  8. Birdie’s first day of school by Sujean Rim (2015). A sweet girl named Birdie is both excited and nervous about starting school, but once she sees the classroom and meets her teacher, she knows that everything will be fine.
  9. My first day by Leilani Sparrow (2015). Follows a little bear as he experiences all the firsts a first day of school brings, from his first story to his first friend.
  10. Dinotrux go to school by Chris Gall (2014). Prehistoric part-dinosaur part-truck machines help each other get ready for their first day of school.