Staff Picks!

Library staff members love to recommend and you’ll find weekly “staff picks” here. Adult Services Librarian Sarah Willadsen writes this week.

In A Great Reckoning, the 12th book in the Inspector Gamache series, author Louise Penny brings her delightfully clever and gentlemanly Armand Gamache back to the page. Freshly recovered from a gunshot wound to the head, he is given his choice of new assignments. Gamache elects to become the new head of the Sûreté du Québec, where he will oversee the training of new cadets and attempt to root out the deep seeded corruption that plagues the academy. Meanwhile, Gamache has been gifted a strange, old, hand drawn map of his hometown—a town that doesn’t exist on official maps of the province. Curious, he sets a small unlikely group of cadets on a mission to discover the origins of the map. A murder within the walls of the Sûreté brings suspicion on Gamache as well as the cadets he hand-picked to investigate the map. Gamache must rely on his intellect and keen observations to solve the murder and restore the integrity of the Sûreté du Québec.

The intermingling mysteries of Penny’s A Great Reckoning leave the reader continually guessing and invested in the story. This wonderfully captivating book is hard to put down!

Sarah Willadsen