Staff Pick

Patient Zero by Jonathan Mayberry (2009).

Captain Joe Ledger, as you will come to know him, is a quick-witted Baltimore detective who’s about to have the craziest week of his life. The Department of Military Sciences is recruiting him to lead one of their elite rapid response teams that clean up messes Homeland couldn’t even conceive. On his first mission with the DMS, he will be up against a bio-weapon that can transform an ordinary person into something dreadfully resembling a zombie. Capt. Ledger is not a man lacking in combat skills, but with the fate of the world in the balance he will need all of his training plus a little luck to get him and his team through this one.

A steady supply of action mixed in with a smattering of wisecracks from our hero keeps this book moving. If you like Jack Bauer from 24 and you enjoy cutting edge science and tech this will be your new favorite series. For those of you potentially hung up on the zombie angle, you can put your fears to bed. Night of the Living Dead, this is not; think science meets terrorism.

Review by Matthew Holmes