Staff Pick

Clover’s Luck by Kallie George, illustrated by Alexandra Boiger (2015).

Book cover with illustration of little girl holding miniature unicorn in her hands.Young Clover absolutely adores animals, so she is beyond excited to help care for some rather unusual ones—think unicorns and a fire-breathing dragon—at a nearby animal adoption agency. Clover’s kind and gentle nature quickly earns her the animals’ trust, and she discovers she has a knack for finding forever homes for even the most unique creatures. When an emergency calls the agency’s owner away, he leaves Clover in charge of the animals. But is Clover ready for such responsibility? And what happens if something goes wrong? Will she have what it takes to keep the agency running and keep the animals out of harm’s way? After all, there is a mean witch to contend with!

Clover’s Luck was recommended to me by a young library patron, which has to be the best way to find out about a book! I enjoyed it so much that I decided to share it with the fifteen members of the library’s Popcorn and Pages Book Club. It was a hit with book club members, who clamored for the next book (The Enchanted Egg) in the series. That’s right, Clover’s Luck is but the first book in the Magical Animal Adoption Agency series. So far, there are three books set in this delightful world—all of which are available at Prescott Public Library. There is also an interactive website for fans of the series to learn more about the different magical animals up for adoption, to determine which one would make the perfect pet and so much more.

Review by Amy Finston