Staff Pick

The Somethingosaur by Tony Mitton, illustrated by Russell Ayto (2013).

The Somethingosaur begins with an egg, a lovely purple egg that cracks open to reveal a small orange creature. But… what is it? And where, oh where, is its mom?

The mystery of the creature’s identity slowly reveals itself as he journeys to find his mother, overcoming obstacles including an onerous dinosaur and bad weather along the way. Ayto’s illustrations are a wonderful complement to Mitton’s gently rhyming tale, evoking empathy for the creature’s plight and providing contextual support for phrases like “towering above” and “blistering heat.” Plus, the big pages and large illustrations are great for storytime crowds!

Sweetly reminiscent of P.D. Eastman’s Are You My Mother?, this delightful picture book has much to offer young readers and listeners alike. Find it today at Prescott Public Library.

Review by Amy Finston