Staff Pick

The Little Book of Feminist Saints by Julia Pierpont (2018).

Taking tongue-in-cheek inspiration from Catholic daily saint books, The Little Book of Feminist Saints introduces 99 women from around the world and throughout history that contributed to achievements in intersectional feminism. Author Julia Pierpont frames the pieces around a notable event in the life of each honoree.


Kitty Cone, the Matron Saint of All Bodies, powered through pointless and traumatic surgeries in her youth, so the pain she endured while at a sit-in to gain equal rights for people with disabilities was no stranger to her.

After Marsha P. Johnson, the Matron Saint of Protest, participated in the Stonewall Riots, she was invigorated to dedicate her life to activism for trans people and those suffering from AIDS. Each inspiring anecdote is paired with a vibrant illustration of the woman with iconography such as saintly orbs adorning her head.

A flaw in this type of biographical collection is that they inevitably miss key figures and representations of cultural groups. However, Pierpont wisely made the final entry a fill-in-the-blank page to assuage any riled up reader. Whether you’re already a history enthusiast or you just want to learn more about the women who shaped history, The Little Book of Feminist Saints will inspire you.

Review written by Rosemary Medrano