Staff Pick

Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine (2017).

Years after a chance accident exposed her ex-husband as a serial killer, Gwen and her children are still on the run from a vicious group of vigilantes who refuse to believe that she had nothing to do with her husband’s deeds. Hoping she’s hidden and well ahead of their tormentors, they find a home near Stillhouse Lake and hesitantly begin to build a new life and make friends. But just as they start to feel safe, bodies turn up in the lake, marked with the signatures of her ex — who is securely locked behind bars. Questioning everyone around her, Gwen prepares to fight for both her kids and her life.

Stillhouse Lake is the first novel of a striking new series, bringing an interesting twist to the genre of serial killer suspense. The story, skillfully woven by author Rachel Caine, keeps you invested, guessing and perched on the edge of your seat.

Review by Sarah Willadsen