Recommended Reading

RecommendedReadingIf you are in need of book recommendations, you’ve come to the right place! Library staff are big readers and they love to share their suggestions with you. In addition to staff recommendations under “Book Reviews Too,” we have some online resources that are great places to turn when you are asking “What do I read next?” Staff at the Ask a Librarian Desk (928.777.1526) and the Youth Desk (928.777.1537) are also happy to recommend something to you personally. Stop by and see us!

Staff Picks offers regularly posted reviews by staff members.

Book Reviews Too! features book reviews written over the years by library staff members. You’ll find some favorites on different themes here.

NoveList provides access to information on over 100,000 fiction titles, including author read-alikes, book discussion guides, series listings, reading lists and more.

NextReads offers booklists on current titles on a variety of subjects, so if you like romance, biography, self-help, horror or a dozen other topics, you’ll find some new titles suggested every month. NextReads also offers the option of having these suggestions delivered to your email inbox every month!