Use the Wireless Network

Logging on

  • The library’s network is called Prescott Public Library.
  • Power up your device and select the Prescott Public Library network then enter the password: prescottlibrary  (note: this is all lower case)
  • Open your browser
  • You may now access any available resources including the Internet, the library catalog, research databases and wireless printing (coming soon!). Sorry, no VPN connections.

Printing from the wireless network 

With our new MobilePrint Service™, you can use your personal computer or mobile device to print to the library’s printer from anywhere. Simply choose one of the three options below and come to the library to release and pick up your document at the main level public printer.

Option 1: Send your print jobs through this link.

Option 2: Install and use the PrinterOn tablet or smartphone app:

iOS App:
Android App:

Option 3: Email print jobs directly to library print system:

For B/W printing, send to this email address:
For Color printing, send to this email address:

How much does printing cost at Prescott Public Library?
Black and white—10¢ per page
Color printing—50¢ per page
Print jobs can be paid for with cash or debit or credit card at the library.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a library card? No. But you will need a library card to access most research databases.
  • Is the network secure? The Prescott Public Library network is an open public access network. For sensitive information, use of SSL encrypted Web pages is recommended. WiFi users should maintain soft-ware to protect against viruses and spyware.
  • Is the network secure?  The Prescott Public Library network uses encryption to protect the wireless information sent and received by your device within the confines of the Prescott Public Library. Nearly all web sites on the Internet use SSL/TLS encryption to protect sensitive information communicated between your device and the web site in question. WiFi users should maintain personal security software to protect against malware and viruses on the Internet.