Request a Test Proctor

How do I request a library Test Proctor?

  1. Think ahead. From start to finish it usually takes two weeks to coordinate with your institution, receive materials and information, book a study room, etc. Please request a proctoring session a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of your testing date.
  2. Read below about how Prescott Public Library staff can proctor tests, then check with your institution to make sure our proctoring procedures will meet your needs.
  3. PPL charges a $15 fee for proctoring each test and a $5 cancellation fee if a test must be rescheduled or canceled.
  4. Email with the Request for Proctor Form to request test proctoring or call 928.777.1526.

Prescott Public Library will:

  • Provide a study room for test-taking.
  • Schedule a librarian to proctor the test. However, the proctor who begins supervising the exam may be replaced by another proctor before the exam is over. The librarian will not be able to observe the student at all times.
  • Proctors will enforce any time limits or other rules set forth in exam materials but will not sit with the student for the length of the exam.
  • Provide a laptop if needed as long as the student has a valid YLN library card and photo ID.
  • Receive paper tests from the institution and mail them back if required.
  • Cover the costs of printing and mailing tests.
  • Sign any necessary documents indicating that the test was proctored.

If these services are not acceptable to the institution, the student and institution should make arrangements for other proctoring options.

The student will:

  • Ensure that PPL’s proctoring services meet the requirements of the educational institution. This should include technical specifications if the test is administered online.
  • Contact the proctor at least three days before the scheduled test to ensure that the institution has contacted the proctor and provided information and/or materials for each exam.
  • Present a photo ID before the start of the test.
  • Pay for the proctoring service before the start of the test with cash, check, credit or a debit card.
  • Pay a $5 cancellation or change fee if the student cancels or reschedules the test.