Books for Kids

What If You Had Animal Feet!?

What If You Had Animal Feet!? by Sandra Markle, illustrated by Howard McWilliam (2015) “What if one day when you woke up and climbed out of bed, the feet you planted on the floor weren’t yours? What if, overnight, a wild animal’s feet took their place at the end of ...Read More

Good Goth Fun

Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by Chris Riddell (2013). By their snickers and belly laughs, you will know which upper-elementary students are reading the rollicking adventures of Ada Goth and her Attic Club cronies. Readers will root and hoot for Ada as she leads the charge to ...Read More

Attention astronomy enthusiasts!

Night Sky by Giles Sparrow (2012) As the much-anticipated total solar eclipse approaches (August 21, 2017) and a nine-year-old makes headlines after applying for a job at NASA, books about astronomy are back in high demand! While gathering titles to share with a group of seventh grade researchers earlier this ...Read More

Lunch Lady!

Lunch Lady and the Field Trip Fiasco by Jarrett J. Krosoczka (2011) While on a school field trip to an art museum, Hector, Dee and Terrence sneak off to look at medieval weapons and stumble upon a crime in progress: someone is stealing all of the original, priceless art and ...Read More