Books for Kids

Serious Reads for Tender Age

The only thing more difficult than explaining development of the atomic bomb is explaining it to children. Jonah Winter and his mother, Jeanette Winter succeed brilliantly on this score in their new picture book, The Secret Project. Reading a book to a classroom of fourth graders is the acid test ...Read More

Warm and Wonderful First Day Facts

My First Day by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page, 2013 “What did you do on your first day—the day you were born?” So begins this delightful nonfiction picture book by the dynamic Caldecott Honor duo Steve Jenkins and Robin Page. Spotlighting twenty-two animals new and known to young readers, Jenkins ...Read More

What is Poetry?

Daniel Finds a Poem by Micha Archer, 2016 Those who know what poetry is may think it is obvious, but defining poetry is not so simple.  In the children’s picture book “Daniel Finds a Poem,” a boy named Daniel discovers a new sign at a park he is closely familiar ...Read More

Divining one’s dreams

Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson (2015). Roller Girl is about a typical fifth-grader navigating today’s world, but this graphic novel is so much more. It is the voice of a wise, reassuring friend who answers questions that cannot even be formulated by a 12-year-old reader about to enter that strange ...Read More