By Hook or By Rook

rook-1Rook by Sharon Cameron, 2015 – Imagine a post-apocalyptic world where an eco-disaster turns technology on its head and sends the human race back into an eerily 17th century French Terror realm. The Sunken City, formally Paris, is governed by a regime actively imprisoning any revolutionaries who seek to hoard or research technology.   Eighteen-year–old Sophia Bellamy doggedly plots to save her friends and family from the Sunken City’s guillotine by disguising herself as the Red Rook; stealthily setting free hundreds of prisoners while leaving behind her signature red and black feather. Danger and fear collide when Sophia’s father announces her betrothal to the aristocratic Parisian Rene Hasad. Brimming with risk, adventure, romance, and political intrigue, Sharon Cameron’s young adult novel Rook takes readers into a future where technology breeds fear and revolution.