Mission and Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan 2014-2016 (Final report pdf)
The Process
As community needs rapidly change, it is important for libraries to be progressive and continue to plan for the future.  To this end the Prescott Public Library undertook a strategic planning process in 2013.  The library management team’s goal was that the creation of such a plan would help staff better define priorities for services, programs and grant applications. The process followed the framework of the Public Library Association’s document, Strategic Planning for Results.  The basic steps were:

  • A staff brainstorming session suggested a number of individuals who would be good spokespersons for various stakeholder groups within the community, forming the strategic planning committee.
  • A professional librarian, trained in the process, was selected to facilitate and assist.
  • Two meetings were held with the strategic planning committee resulting in the selection of three library service responses that the members felt would best meet the needs identified.
  • The entire library staff was involved in contributing ideas of how these responses could be implemented.
  • The library management team created a set of goals and objectives that were then brought back to the strategic planning committee.
  • The finished plan was submitted to the Library Advisory Board for their approval.

The three main assumptions used through this process were:

  • Excellence must be defined locally.
  • Excellence results when library services match community needs, interest and priorities.
  • Excellence is a moving target.  Even when achieved, excellence must be maintained.

The strategic plan as produced is based on the assumption that funding will not significantly increase during the plan years 2014-2016.  If new costs are required to meet any of the goals of the plan it is assumed that costs will be reallocated within the budget or that fundraising, donations or grants will be utilized to cover costs.

Library Service Responses
The discussion with the strategic planning committee identified three library service responses they felt would help meet the needs identified in the community.  These responses were:

Children from birth to age five will have programs and services designed to ensure that they will enter school ready to learn to read, write and listen.

Residents will have the resources they need to explore topics of personal interest and continue to learn throughout their lives.

Residents will have safe and welcoming physical places to meet and interact with others or to sit quietly and read and will have open and accessible virtual spaces that support social networking.

web photoThe Committee
This process could not have been accomplished without the commitment of the members of the strategic planning committee:

Bob Kane Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Governing Council Member;Prescott Public Library volunteer
Janet Bicknese Former teacher; domestic mediator for Yavapai County Superior Court
Claire Louge Community Outreach Coordinator, First Things First
Lesley Alward Realtor, Highlands Center Board Member
Ivy Broiles PPL Teen Advisory Group, Homeschooled Student
Deb McCasland Chair, Library Advisory Board
Cathy Cunningham Chair,  Friends of the Library Board
Gail Kenny Executive Director, Coalition for Compassion and  Justice
David Maurer CEO, Prescott Chamber of Commerce
Jon Meyer Executive Director, Prescott Center for the Arts
Robbie Nicol Executive Director of Community Outreach and Philanthropyat Yavapai Regional Medical Center, Alzheimer’s board, former school teacher
Charles Cobos Former school administrator
Laura Norman Director of Development & Communication , West Yavapai Guidance Clinic  ‎
Kim Kapin Marketing Specialist, Yavapai College
Joe Howard Assistant Superintendent, Prescott Unified School District
Martha Baden Library Manager, Public Services, Prescott Public Library

On December 4, 2013, the Library Advisory Board reviewed the Prescott Public Library Strategic Plan 2014-2016 in its entirety and approved it unanimously.  The Board Chair, Deborah McCasland, was represented on the Strategic Planning Committee as noted above. The Board was appointed by the Prescott City Council and consists of seven members:  Alma Christine Howell, Jerry Jones, Wayne Koch, Deborah McCasland, Sharon Seymour, Carolyn Shelley and Marlene Sullivan.

The role of the Library Advisory Board is to make recommendations to the City Council and City Manager on all matters pertaining to the library service needs of the citizens of Prescott, and to review and support appropriate library services and activities for the general public.  In addition, the Library Advisory Board is to encourage appropriate development and advancement of public services provided by the library. The board was established by a resolution of the Mayor and Council of the city of Prescott as a standing committee of the city of Prescott in 2012.

The Friends of the Prescott Public Library gave their endorsement to the project and provided the funds to make it possible.

Comments and concerns of Prescott residents were instrumental in the formation of all goals in this process.

The library staff at all levels had input into the discussions of the library service responses and the associated goals.

Bonny Bruce of Pima County Libraries served as facilitator for the process providing guidance to library administrators, staff and the strategic planning committee.