Attention astronomy enthusiasts!

Night Sky by Giles Sparrow (2012)

As the much-anticipated total solar eclipse approaches (August 21, 2017) and a nine-year-old makes headlines after applying for a job at NASA, books about astronomy are back in high demand! While gathering titles to share with a group of seventh grade researchers earlier this week, I happily rediscovered Giles Sparrow’s Night Sky on the shelves at Prescott Public Library.

Night Sky blends fascinating facts with stunning photographs and digitally-rendered star maps to inspire numerous “wow!” moments. Did you know that the sun weighs 743 times more than all of the planets combined? Or that there’s a star (Eta Carinae) that occasionally erupts? Take a moment to gaze in wonder at the Hubble Telescope’s close-up of the Butterfly Nebula or to learn more about the Milky Way. With a friendly layout that encourages both casual browsing and in-depth exploration, this is an excellent book to share with astronomy-enthusiasts in the upper elementary grades and beyond. Find Night Sky and other out of this world titles at Prescott Public Library!

Amy Finston